The Englewood Medium

Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series


Soon after psychologist Haley Meyers moves into her new apartment, someone vandalizes her car. Could it be a disgruntled client? Or possibly an ex? When her client is murdered, Haley gets scared but not nearly as scared as when her father pays her a visit—four years after his funeral.

Shaken But Not Stirred is a small-town story about love, life, death, and friendship with twists and turns that will keep you guessing.

The Englewood Medium series is about a close-knit meditation group.

The Meditation Group Members Are:

Haley Meyers

Psychologist Haley Meyers is the central character in this cozy mystery series.

Divorced for 20 years, she has two kids attending college in California. She recently moved to Englewood, Pennsylvania, to be

near her childhood best friend, Barb

Morales. She rents her office from Cheri Alexion. Haley is also a great cook. Three of

her recipes are in the book.

Cheri Alexion

Cheri Alexion is the oldest of the group, although she refuses to tell anyone what

that number actually is. She owns several businesses in town and has an office in the Alexion building along with Haley Meyers. Cheri is a gifted psychic, tarot reader, and spiritual healer. She leads the meditation group, and she's the one they call on for a reading or for insights when a group

member needs help.

Dr. Linda Blankenship

Dr. Linda Blankenship is Haley’s sister. She sees herself as firmly planted in reality and does not believe in any of "that woo-woo stuff." She attends the weekly meditation group as a way to have a few minutes of quiet in her hectic life. Dr. Linda is married and has three children, ages 10-12. She owns a thriving practice as a small town family physician. Her office is near Haley's office on State Street.

Barb Morales

Born in Cuba, Barb Morales has

been Haley’s best friend since they were children. She is the reason Haley moved to Englewood (although Haley's sister, Linda, doesn't know that). Also a State Street business owner, Barb owns a cafe as well as a catering business. Barb is generous, exuberant, and loves to have fun. She is a good judge of character and knows most people in town. If Barb doesn't know them, her wife, Zoe (a 911 operator), certainly will.

Frankie Joseph

The youngest of the group, Frankie Joseph, is a mentee and close friend of Cheri Alexion, although they are more than 40 years apart in age. Frankie came to the U.S. from Haiti when she was a young teen. She is an old soul who is deeply gifted in the spiritual arts. She is a free spirit who could not tolerate the restrictions in her career as a social worker, so she does readings and makes herbal concoctions for her clients. She also has an office at Alexion.

Sonia Summers

Sonia Summers and her husband, Martin, own the bookstore where the meditation group meets every Wednesday at noon. Sonia looks like someone’s sweet grandma, but she is one of the girls in the classic skinny-dipping photos from Woodstock in the 1960s. She mothers everyone-customers, friends, and family-and has kept the bookstore thriving for 25 years, despite the arrival of big box bookstores and online bookstores. Everyone loves Sonia.

Haley Meyers is a great cook. Shaken But Not Stirred contains 3 complete


-Gluten-Free Plant-Based Brownies - Haley's Beef Stew

- Mashed Potato Rolls


Lana McAra is an award-winning, international best-selling author and ghostwriter of 44 titles through traditional publishing with 1 million copies sold, many under the name Rosey Dow.

She is a spiritual luminary and energy healer. Her experience with a visitation from her long-deceased father gave inspiration to The Englewood Medium series. Yes, she was hanging a curtain rod in her new apartment when his spirit gave her the strength to get that pesky screw to go in-although he didn't appear in full bodily form like Haley's dad did in the book.

Writing under the name Rosey Dow, Lana has won The Christy Award, The Book Excellence Award and The Literary Titan Silver Book Award for her historical novel Reaping the Whirlwind. Her mystery series, Colorado, sold more than 250,000 copies.

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Lana McAra has been teaching new novelists how to write fiction for 20 years. Go to to download your free video and ebook: “Your Novel

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Lana McAra's characters walk right in and offer me an ice-cold glass of sweet

tea, and I wouldn't want it any other way. Sweet, spicy, satisfying. Nice twist

at the end. Looking forward to the next installment!!

~Cat Hannah

Lana McAra is an amazing author, and her talent continues to shine in

SHAKEN BUT NOT STIRRED. A fast-moving, nuanced plot with multi-

layered characters keeps us riveted until at last the mystery is


For this book, the author writes about an awful situation that she has

personal experience with—being stalked. So the book offers experience

and words of wisdom as well as being a cautionary tale.

~Ann Crawford

What a fun read! Not your typical murder mystery - this one weaves together

the paranormal, a meditation group and a stalker! I can see why Lana McAra

is an award-winning author!

~Stephanie Dalfonzo

I enjoyed Lana McAra’s new novel “Shaken But Not Stirred” very much.

I could relate to the main character who a single woman living alone, a

therapist and a divorcee, working with people that have personal

problems. As her own personal problems become life threatening, she

s aided by friends and family “both live and dead.” I liked the character

development and look forward to sequels with the various and

“unusual” people in her inner circle.

~Connie Long

I didn't expect a ghost story that would make me laugh, but that's

exactly what happened. I wish this group of women met in my town, so

I could join them and laugh all the time.

~Anastasia Alexander, best-selling author

The Englewood Medium was a great adventure with lovable and fun

characters and a surprise who-done-it with the perfect blend of clean

romance. The super natural elements help make this book pop. This

is a well written story that will have you laughing. I really related to

the older characters; it was refreshing that the main character was

not a 20-something, kick-but a heroine. I’m looking forward to

Haley’s next adventure.

~Lynne Hill, award-winning, best-selling author

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